Shark Tank India 3's Namita Thapar Reacts To Her Viral One-Liners: 'Sometimes They Are Deliberate'

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Last Updated: February 06, 2024, 18:47 IST

Namita Thapar is a shark on Shark Tank India 3.

Namita Thapar is a shark on Shark Tank India 3.

When asked about her one-liners, Namita Thapar explained that she does it purposely to add fun and entertainment to the show.

Namita Thapar is a well-known figure in India, particularly among progressive women entrepreneurs. As the Executive Director (ED), India Business of Emcure Pharmaceuticals, she has also inspired others and made contributions to the healthcare industry. She has gained a lot of recognition and attention as a result of her appearance on the Indian television programme Shark Tank. She is popular on the show for her one-liners and her spirit of competition. Her one-liners include – “Ye bohot cluttered market hai so I’m out”, “Meri expertise nahi hai” and others.

Namita Thapar recently spoke with the Times of India about her experience on the show, the difficulties she has encountered as an entrepreneur and other topics. During the interview, industrialist Thapar was asked how she felt about her viral one-liners from the show Shark Tank India. In response, the entrepreneur stated that she does so on purpose to add some fun to the show.

“I think it is fun. People have very stressful lives. We provide a bit of humour, laughter, and entertainment. They have fun at our expense so why not. I know how to have fun with it. At times they are deliberate. I do it just for masti because I know the other sharks will smirk and the audience as well,” Namita Thapar told Times of India.

The female entrepreneur went on to say that when there is a healthcare pitch on the show, she becomes extremely competitive and excited. Then her comments or one-liners emerge authentically. However, at times it is deliberate “because I am a very badmaash person. I like to do masti on sets. I like to have fun and a good time,” she added.

Meanwhile, Namita Thapar recently exited a portion of an airport retail brand after receiving a 3.5x return on investment. This is Shark Tank India’s first exit ever. Rare Planet, India’s largest airport retailer, entered the show in 2021 and made a deal with Namita. When asked about her exit from an investment, Namita Thapar stated that the exit increased the credibility of the show, the Sharks, and the founders.

She stated that people assume that anything associated with artisans and handicrafts is an NGO or CSR that will not generate revenue. But the fact that the company went from 4 to 50 stores before becoming India’s largest airport retailer is simply amazing, Namita Thapar asserted. “That is the reason I have taken a partial exit because it is going to go a long way,” she finally added.

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