Rashami Desai REVEALS Reason Behind Her Absence; Shares That She Wants To 'Work In Bollywood'

Rashami Desai is one of the highest-paid television actresses in India. She rose to prominence with her portrayal of the antagonist Tapasya Thakur on the daily soap Uttaran. She has been part of many Hindi TV shows such as Uttaran, Dil Se Dil Tak, Naagin, and more. Rashami Desai most recently made an appearance on Bigg Boss 13, and she again entered the show in its 15th season as a wild card contestant. However, now the actress wants to act in Bollywood, and she has cited this reason behind her being picky with projects.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Rashami Desai shared, “I have shot for some projects, which will be released this year. It is true that I am not doing much and being selective with the projects. As an actor, I want to explore more and I think it is my commitment to the relationship that I have with the audience. And that requires me to have patience. Things will not move my way overnight. Everything happens at its own pace and that is the beauty of it. Ever since I started my acting career, the only thing that I have learnt is that kuch acha chaiyeh toh usmein waqt lagta hai”.

Supporting her point with an example, Rashami Desai quoted Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh’s example. She added, “Several projects come my way, but I can’t sing all of them. I want to keep what will click with the audience in mind. They didn’t get anything overnight. They had to work for it, and have patience. That is the life of an actor”.

Spilling details about her Bollywood plans, Rashami revealed, “I want to do Bollywood. I have been dreaming and thinking about it for years. I admit that I did limit myself and my potential in some way earlier, which I want to break and explore.”

Rashami Desai’s and Shoaib Ibrahim’s Pyar Eda Da song was released on September 21.

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