'I Grew Up Quite Early'

Singers Aastha Gill and Akasa have marked their second collaboration with the release of their new song ‘Shringaar’. The song, which features Milind Soman, is written and composed by Vayu and includes a rap verse by Raftaar. The music video is directed and choreographed by Punit J Pathak.

Milind Soman is making a comeback to music videos since his iconic appearance in Alisha Chinai’s 1995 Made in India music video. In Sringaar the supermodel wears a nose ring and sports kohl-rimmed eyes.

In an interview with The Hindustan Times, artists open up about their new song, fangirling over Milind Soman and collaborating with Vayu and Raftaar.

On getting Milind on board the project, Akasa said “When we were talking about the song, Milind Soman was the first person that came to my, Aastha’s, Sony Music, and Puneet’s mind. All of us were like if this happens, nothing could be better than that. And we were not told it worked out.” To this Aastha added, “We found out two days before the shoot, and we were like (surprised reaction).”

When the singers were asked if they had a crush on Milind, they were quick to respond and admit that it was true and that Akasa was infact a ‘hardcore’ Milind fan. “When Rules (2003 rom-com) came out, I was at that age, where I had a crush on my best friend, and I was a nerdy girl. He was like someone cooler. So seeing that movie I was like if such a hot person can like a nerdy girl then this could happen in my life too. I actually was obsessed with him during Rules,” Akasa said.

Akasa debuted in 2013 with the song Full Jhol, a duet with Mika Singh, from the film Jackpot when she was just 20. This was after she had worked with him as the only girl in his 10 member band. Speaking of those days Akasa said, “All of them were above 30, and I was 17. Mika Singh used to say back then, that ‘sheron ke beech mein (she’s in the middle of lions)…’ And I think my voice became so strong because there used to be like 5 male Sardaar singers, and then I used to be like, my voice isn’t even audible. So I kept getting louder and louder so that I could be heard. That’s how I became a heavier voice.”

She further added, “There are a lot of things I am grateful for, to Mika Ji. Because at a very young age, I got a lot of experience. So many big shows– my contemporaries got to perform there four or five years after me. I learnt a lot of behind-the-scenes logistics, I even know how to manage a band. I learnt how to be alive on three hours of sleep for one month. When my friends were partying and everything at like 17 and 18, I was doing this. It has shaped me in every way possible and I am very very grateful… Today in a room of people who are 10 years older than me, I am as mature as them. Because I grew up quite early, which might not be a great thing always, but yeah.”

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