Kisine Bataya Nahi: Rubina Dilaik And Akriti Kakar Discuss Motherhood, Postpartum And Self-Care

Rubina Dilaik welcomed twins in December 2023. (Image Credits: Instagram)

Rubina Dilaik welcomed twins in December 2023. (Image Credits: Instagram)

Rubina Dilaik recently spoke with singer Akriti Kakar about her postpartum journey and how she dealt with the same.

Singer Akriti Kakar and her husband Chirag Arora welcomed their first child, a baby boy, in November last year. A month later, popular TV couple Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla welcomed twin girls. After becoming a mom, Rubina has openly spoken about her journey into motherhood, particularly her experience with raising twins. Interestingly, the Bigg Boss 14 winner launched her YouTube show called ‘Kisine Bataya Nahi’, where she discusses topics that are not commonly spoken.

Recently, Rubina invited Akriti Kakar on her show to speak about her journey after embracing motherhood, maintaining emotional balance, and going through postpartum changes. She also talked about the importance of self-care for the new mothers.

Sharing her initial experience, Kakar explained, “Everyone says life will change and I have heard it so many times. I always felt, ‘Why people scare so much?’ It’s supposed to be a celebration. Initially, such reactions were coming like, ‘Go to sleep now, you won’t get to sleep later. Life will change, you’ll have to go for lunch, go for dinner, do something. Then your heart will break and you’ll think, how will I leave him at home?’ So many people have done it in such a built-up, scary and negative way. So in the fourth month, I decided I don’t want to tell anyone. I won’t share because unsolicited advice is just messing up my mind and it will colour me in a way that I don’t want.”

Sharing the video, Rubina Dilaik wrote, “Be gentle with yourself, you are doing the best you can because Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing,” and added, “We had an open and heartfelt conversation about maintaining emotional balance, coping with postpartum changes, and prioritizing self-care as a mother.”

Rubina Dilaik opened up feeling constantly irritated after the birth of her twins and recalled a particularly tough moment around the 15th or 20th day postpartum. The actress claimed she struggled to sleep and became short-tempered, which led to arguments at home. Despite people constantly visiting their house, she decided to prioritize her recovery and declined to meet anyone. Despite her frustration, her husband Abhinav Shukla comforted her and suggested that he take care of their daughter so she could get some sleep.

Meanwhile, Akriti Kakar expressed her struggle with feeling unwell despite trying to find joy in things that usually bring happiness. She revealed her disappointment when neither good food nor a warm shower helped improve her mood, which left her heartbroken. She questioned how everything she loved failed to make her happy, leading her to realize that her emotional experience was likely due to postpartum changes in her body. During that time, the only thing that made her happy and comfortable was a warm hug from her partner.

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